Little Hijab Stories

26 Apr

Hello dear friends!!

A good friend of mine helped me big time in putting my “Little Hijab Stories” video up for your viewing pleasure.

Check it out and I hope you enjoy!!


Oh My God!

21 Apr

Unbelievably, yesterday I finished nearly all the editing I had to do for my video — the first video I ever made all by myself (minus the exporting the footage part)!!  Altogether it took like 8-9 hours to edit a 14 min 53 second video!  It really makes me realize how much effort it takes for a video maker just to put forth a minute of footage for her/his audience.  I was literally slicing and adding milliseconds of recorded footage so transitions and speech would be as smooth as possible throughout the clip.  I put a lot of heart into this project and what’s funny is that at the very end, out of the 5 girls I put in the video, I took one girl out (and I’m talking after all the editing).  After feedback from a friend and my sister, it seemed as though this person was dragging the video more than contributing to it and now that she’s out the video is around 2-3 min shorter, but I think keeping it around 15 min is better because it’ll keep peoples’ attention span (hopefully).  Also, because the video now focuses on 4 people, the audience will be able to keep track of them and their unique personalities better.

I also used a scrapbook theme which I was able to add since it’s an amazing feature already in iMovie.  It really changed the feeling of the movie and my mindset in how I wanted to convey the message of hijab.  The movie went from something kind of like a serious mini-documentary, to a light hearted and girly but informative and meaningful piece just because of the scrapbook feature.  Those flowers and colors really got to me lol.

I really hope that people like my work and ultimately that they will be able understand hijab better.


Thanks for reading my friends!

Learning how to Export Video Recordings

18 Apr

So today Paul will be teaching me how to export the video clips I made to desktop.  I know this is common sense for most people but it really isn’t for me.  I’m excited to learn about how to do this and I’m wondering how long it takes to do so.  

As for the interviews, I’m hoping to get at least one more recording today especially because one of the girls I interviewed doesn’t want to be in my movie any longer and another girl that I hoped to interview seems very nervous about agreeing to be recorded.  This kind of puts me in a stump unfortunately but everything has a reason and wisdom behind it.  


I’m curious to see how things unfold.


Thanks for reading!

Started Recording Interviews

17 Apr

For my short hijab video I have started recording interviews.  So far I have recorded 3 girls and I am hoping to have at least 5.  Many adherent Muslim girls shy away from wanting to be interviewed, which in nearly all cases I understand– in fact I would probably not feel very comfortable having a camera right in my face– but there are willing girls as well, which works out great for me  🙂

I’m happy with the interviews so far because they are short and sweet.  Nevertheless, I have plenty of work ahead of me and I don’t even know how to export these clips onto the computer … I’m going to ask Paul for help on that.


Thanks for reading!


Hijab Final Video Project

17 Apr

Dear followers,

So far for my final video project I have created an outline and have contacted people that would like to be interviewed. I am afraid that I don’t have enough people but once I get on campus tomorrow with my camera I will be asking random Muslim girls if they would like to be interviewed.  The good news is that many girls are pretty open in sharing their stories and I pray that all will turn out well!  

There’s a lot of work to do and only a little time left!


I’m what you would call a “n00b” but what I would call “kind” (hopefully)

19 Jan

As I stepped into class the first time and quickly heard talk of social media and how widespread it is, I felt intimidated.  I don’t have a Facebook, twitter, google + or anything else tech savvy that would allow me to have a greater sense of comfortability and understanding.  In fact, to me technology is typing something in on the search engine of Google and writing a paper on Microsoft Word, so needless to say I feel very behind.  But, I also feel the need to step up.  This is why I am taking this course.


My name is Mahvish Irfan and before I would describe myself as what tech savvy people would term “n00b,” I’d say I’m a kind person trying to do the right thing in the hopes of getting closer to my Creator.  Most would consider me religious; I don’t feel religious enough.  At all.  Following this further, there’s a stigma with being “religious” in today’s world because it’s also considered being closed-minded, ignorant, stubborn, and so on and so forth, but this couldn’t be more untrue!  As a Muslim woman, I feel happy, open and liberated!  I love to write, I’m very family oriented, I’m into organic foods and generally having a simple, natural life, I have a pretty kitty cat (lol), I’m creating my own major, Professional Writing, and will likely double major that with Religion.  I’m the eldest of 3, can be very open and silly with the right people and believe that you can learn a life lesson from everyone.


There’s so much more that I could say but I don’t want to bore you.  Feel free to ask me any questions, even in religion (I’m constantly talking about Islam and answering peoples’ questions) and I hope that I get the hang of all this technology (including Word Press!) very soon!!


With care,



P.S.- Oh my God, I don’t even know how to post thissssss!!!!